2024 Blue Lake Emmaus Governing Board
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Position Name Phone e-mail
Chairperson Shevewan Cooper 850.685.2314 shevewan@yahoo.com
Vice Chairperson Randy Brooke 850.543.5337 randyrbrooke@gmail.com
Past Chairperson Trena Webb 850.324.4999 webbtrena@gmail.com
Secretary Becky Rogers 334.300.2581 beckyrogers70@yahoo.com
Team Selection Chair Cheri Perry 850.217.2348 ncheriperry@hotmail.com
Agape Dawn Hall 803.580.9487 pinkgerbera71@gmail.com
4th Day Margarita Vazquez 850.554.2592 lovehispeople1225@gmail.com
Blue Lake Camp Liaison John Bozarth 850.769.8185 bozarjl@gmail.com
Community Lay Director for Emmaus Iris Schiffer 850.685.7010 iris@pbmgmt.com
Emmaus/Community Spiritual Director Rev. Bob McKibben 850.982.5819 revbmck@bellsouth.net
Chrysalis Lay Director Cissy Scott 251.510.7357 cissyscott91@gmail.com
Spiritual Director for Chrysalis Rev Donna Coty 334.355.1489 revdcoty@aol.com
* Treasurer Tom Risavalto 850.585.7927 trisalvato@cricpa.com
* Registrar Vida Straley 850.206.1019 straley.registrar@gmail.com
* Community Support Coord Denise Heath 850.865.5734 heathgator@cox.net
* Ministry Manager Contact / Data Manager / LD Trainer Joquita McKibben 850.982.5959 joy4heart@bellsouth.net
* Newsletter Editor Larry Bates 850.218.6586 savedbygrace010509@gmail.com
* Bluelake.us Webmaster Jim Reynolds 850.261.9044 web.master@bluelake.us
* Agape Community Contact Sharon Patterson 850.428.7794 sharon-in-florida or

* Non-voting, non-elected position